I'm not very good at blogging.....

Posted by Kerri

Posted on 3:45pm on Monday, April 25 2011

I had the best intentions to 'blog' every week.... I am not very good at it am I???  In looking back, I only post something new when there is something going on with my family... but

Our store policy has always been that our family comes first.  That means that we have several days in the coming weeks that The Sewing Basket will be closed.  Please keep our family in your prayers!

Prayers for our Grandmother

Posted by Kerri

Posted on 1:12pm on Thursday, April 15 2010

Our 97 year old Grandmother is having some health issues.  She has lived a long, full and happy life and we realize that she is simply tired and her body is worn out but... it is so hard for us to let her go.  We are closing the store early today so that we can make a quick trip to visit her.  D'Aun and I are both  taking a daughter and a grandson to visit Grammy.  Kerri is hoping to take a five generation picture that will include her 3 week old grandson, Knox.  We will have two of Grammy's great-great-grandsons together to take a picture with her.  Our memories are 'priceless' and we will make a few more today.  Please keep Grammy and our family in your prayers.

Knox Dailey Forrest

Posted by Kerri

Posted on 4:17am on Tuesday, March 23 2010

All day event – March 23

Machine Mastery is postponed as Kerri and her family celebrate the birth of Kirsty's son Knox Dailey Forrest.  Knox joined the family on March 22, 2010 at 11:25 PM.  Knox debuts at 7 lbs 2.5 oz and 20.25 inches.  Kerri will be taking a few days to get to know Knox before returning to The Sewing Basket.

Woohoo!!! It's Here!

Posted by Kerri

Posted on 4:41pm on Wednesday, August 26 2009

We received BERNINA Embroidery Software Version 6 in the store for you!!!!  Kerri will be training (playing) on the new software Thursday and Friday in Oklahoma City.  Patty is again working for us on Thursday and D'Aun will be here on Friday.  Come by and tell them hi and take a look at all of our new fabric!!!

Why Update to Version 6?

  • Easier to identify icons
  • CorelDRAW Essentials 4
  • Color Wheel
  • New effects:  Halo, Carving, Morphing, Star
  • Block Editor added to Quilter program in Design Plus level
  • Improved Magic Wand
  • Monogram improvements
  • New graphic formats available
  • New, improved Color Film to make it easier to identify objects
  • Improved Advanced Appliqu
  • New fonts - one in Editor Plus, eleven in Designer Plus

Why Update to Version 6?     WHY NOT!!!!! 

Hay Hauler???

Posted by Kerri

Posted on 1:00am on Friday, August 21 2009

If you came by The Sewing Basket last week, we may have missed you, as we were unexpectedly closed for a couple of days.  Thank you for being 'sew' patient with us.   I was helping my Daddy haul hay!!! (Yes, I am multi-talented!)   Most of you know that D'Aun and I are very family oriented and understand when we put our families before the store.  D'Aun was also helping with the hay hauling - talk about multi-talented.  She goes from being a registered nurse, to a working partner at The Sewing Basket to hay hauler..... 

Next week I will be attending software training for Version 6 Bernina software!!  I can't wait to see what new tricks and treats that Bernina has in store for us.


By the way, I was extremely sore after helping Daddy but I pampered myself with a nice pedicure and enjoyed sitting in the massage chair very much!!