Hay Hauler???

Posted by Kerri

Posted on 1:00am on Friday, August 21 2009

If you came by The Sewing Basket last week, we may have missed you, as we were unexpectedly closed for a couple of days.  Thank you for being 'sew' patient with us.   I was helping my Daddy haul hay!!! (Yes, I am multi-talented!)   Most of you know that D'Aun and I are very family oriented and understand when we put our families before the store.  D'Aun was also helping with the hay hauling - talk about multi-talented.  She goes from being a registered nurse, to a working partner at The Sewing Basket to hay hauler..... 

Next week I will be attending software training for Version 6 Bernina software!!  I can't wait to see what new tricks and treats that Bernina has in store for us.


By the way, I was extremely sore after helping Daddy but I pampered myself with a nice pedicure and enjoyed sitting in the massage chair very much!!