We are almost home!

Posted by Kerri

Posted on 11:40am on Thursday, July 16 2009

Wow!  It has been an awesome two weeks!  We spent July 4th in Anchorage.  We watched fireworks from our hotel room window at midnight - but it never got dark like we are used to.  The two hardest things to get used to were the heat (Yes, it is hot in Alaska!) and that it doesn't get dark at night.  We saw lots of wildlife - moose, caribou, grizzlies, foxes, ptarmigan, eagles, whales...  We traveled by plane, jet boat, passenger train, catamaran,  narrow gauge train, float plane, rubber float raft, cruise ship, jeep, car and by foot.  We took lots and lots of pictures and generally had a great time.  We are on the last leg of our trip today and ready to be home.  Again - thanks to D'Aun, Patty and Lucy for covering the store so that I could have such an awesome vacation!!  Hope to see you Saturday at Software Sampler class at 9:00!!!