Prayers for our Grandmother

Posted by Kerri

Posted on 1:12pm on Thursday, April 15 2010

Our 97 year old Grandmother is having some health issues.  She has lived a long, full and happy life and we realize that she is simply tired and her body is worn out but... it is so hard for us to let her go.  We are closing the store early today so that we can make a quick trip to visit her.  D'Aun and I are both  taking a daughter and a grandson to visit Grammy.  Kerri is hoping to take a five generation picture that will include her 3 week old grandson, Knox.  We will have two of Grammy's great-great-grandsons together to take a picture with her.  Our memories are 'priceless' and we will make a few more today.  Please keep Grammy and our family in your prayers.