Woohoo!!! It's Here!

Posted by Kerri

Posted on 4:41pm on Wednesday, August 26 2009

We received BERNINA Embroidery Software Version 6 in the store for you!!!!  Kerri will be training (playing) on the new software Thursday and Friday in Oklahoma City.  Patty is again working for us on Thursday and D'Aun will be here on Friday.  Come by and tell them hi and take a look at all of our new fabric!!!

Why Update to Version 6?

  • Easier to identify icons
  • CorelDRAW Essentials 4
  • Color Wheel
  • New effects:  Halo, Carving, Morphing, Star
  • Block Editor added to Quilter program in Design Plus level
  • Improved Magic Wand
  • Monogram improvements
  • New graphic formats available
  • New, improved Color Film to make it easier to identify objects
  • Improved Advanced Appliqu
  • New fonts - one in Editor Plus, eleven in Designer Plus

Why Update to Version 6?     WHY NOT!!!!!